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Magazines and Doubles

July 6, 2010

This month I find there are two magazines with stories by me that have just come out. Things tend to happen in twos for me – I am yet to find out more about the phenomena of when I go somewhere I haven’t been for years, and end up going there two days in a row, completely unexpectedly. It happens all the time and even more since I noticed it.

Anyway, now to the magazines.

The first is PAN magazine, a smart collection of profiles, interviews and stories about all manner of interesting folk and goings-on. In particular, it’s great to see short stories in a magazine! I love short stories, and I know plenty of other people who do too, but the poor things don’t get the attention they deserve most of the time.

I wrote a story called Tea Break Fiction, inspired by those magazines (New Idea? That’s Life? I’m not sure which…when I was a teenager I used to visit my friend Rachael and we’d browse her mum’s magazine pile and I remember Rachael saying that the only part she read was the tea break fiction!) that you only read at the doctor’s surgery. Except hopefully my story is more interesting, it’s about strange encounters at the op shop.

There’s plenty of other great things in it too, look out for it!

The other magazine I am in is Artlink, with a story about zines and the underground. I make an Alice and Wonderland connection in it, which was a kind of lightbulb moment, and then I looked in the Stephen Duncombe book about zines and found that someone in there had made the connection too, which made me feel like I was part of something (could have made me feel like everything I think of has been thought by another, but I don’t really believe that, and hey, why not try to be positive?), some kind of undercurrent of thought.

This issue of Artlink has many articles about various aspects of the underground, from zines, to mining, to seed bombs.

So if you are standing in the newsagent overcome by the proliferation of boring design magazines, look for these instead.

Now, on to my next double, whatever that might be.

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