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New Zine Land

March 16, 2011

Surprisingly, when I googled the title of this post, the only thing that came up was it as an expired domain name. I thought all zine puns had been exhausted, but it is not so. (Note: zine puns I could do with never hearing again – “zine queen”, “zine scene”. Particular offenders are headlines for articles about zines in mainstream media, where zines are inevitably presented as new and quirky and with a kind of self congratulatory tone that the article has discovered them.)

Let’s not get into all that. The reason for this post is to present to you my new zines which are, as the title suggests, about New Zealand.

I am a Camera 15, here pictured among the stuff on my desk, is a long story about visiting Dunedin and what kinds of things I found there. Follow me as I climb its hills, enter its public library, eat its lolly cakes, and look for the house where the Death and The Maiden videoclip was recorded.

It’s a fanzine about Flying Nun records and the guitar pop bands that appeared in Dunedin in the 80s and 90s, of which I have been a fan for a long time. Here are the first few pages of it:

To read the rest, you will have to track one down. I’m slowly getting them around, I left some with Sticky when I was down in Melbourne in February, and I just put a few of them on Etsy. I will work on further sending them out, I shall get those albatrosses flapping…

Next time, I will introduce you to my other New Zealand zine. For now, I have been wrangling with the blog crocodiles enough for this afternoon (that is, things like image resizing), I want to get out into the humid afternoon, into the metal chamber full of coughing commuters returning home, and then back to my castle.

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  1. October 17, 2011 11:02 pm

    Just read this, someone lent it to me since I’m planning a big Flying Nun 30th birthday celebration. I had my own Flying Nun pilgrimage a couple of years ago, though wasn’t able to go to Dunedin, but just being in NZ was enough. I’d spent the best part of a week in Christchurch with little evidence of Flying Nun (not that I have any idea what I was actually expecting), and then at a conference dinner (officially my visit wasn’t a FN pilgrimage) a speaker began by saying that he’d seen the Clean in the same room 25 years earlier, to blank looks from most of the audience and a big grin from me. Then later that night I saw The Bats play in a bar downtown and they were awesome! A couple of days later I set off on a train across the highest mountains I’d ever seen with an ipod full of Flying Nun classics as the soundtrack.
    I’m going back over later this year and will see The Clean play a FN 30th anniversary show in Auckland.

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