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In the Library

June 3, 2011


The library foyer is the place to abandon your umbrella. The poor wet things cluster together, waiting for their owners to retrieve them. People leave the library and stand at the edge of the umbrella mound, trying to spot their own. Which black umbrella is theirs? This is the place to go if you are in need of an umbrella, I thought, looking at the pile. Immediately I felt guilty, for stealing someone’s umbrella on a rainy day is a terrible thing. I imagine the umbrellas that I’ve left behind in my life, still waiting, left in buckets and one particular white umbrella with a strawberry pattern endlessly going around the Circle Line on the London Underground.

Although this post may seem to be about umbrellas, I intended it to be about libraries. Words slip out and take me elsewhere, as they often do. What I am trying hard to get the chance to say is that I’ve started a new project about Sydney’s libraries, which you can find at: I’m going to be exploring libraries around Sydney, starting with the ones I used to visit as a child. I took my first journey, to Dural, this week. Please follow me as I go out exploring. Now, which umbrella was mine again?




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  1. Amanda permalink
    June 6, 2011 9:32 am

    I am excited and intrigued by this library project! It also made me think of this other library project, currently on exhibit at the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library (I haven’t gone to see it yet, but must very soon, because this is the very last week!):

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