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A Few More Houses

June 19, 2011

One of my very slow burning projects is the construction of a dream suburb. I have been doing this for about five years now, and am thinking I should perhaps scale it down to a dream street – otherwise by the time I finish no one will be living in houses anymore anyway, we will be living in floating pods or something like that… and the technology by which I am taking these photos (35mm film) will have completely disappeared.

I recently took in a film to be processed. This film had been in my camera for six months, which meant that I had little idea of what would be in the photographs when I got them back from processing. I found quite a few houses and gardens to add to my suburb, and I thought I’d display them here. The criteria for houses to be included in my suburbs is fairly loose, although ones that are visually odd seem to make it, as well as ones that make me curious, that make me think – who lives there? My suburb is going to be full of wonder.

This house is around the corner from where I live. It was for sale recently, as a deceased estate, which made me sad as I remember the woman who used to live there. She was very old, and I liked to think she had lived here for a long time. It also makes me sad as it’s the kind of house that is particularly vulnerable to KDRB, that is, according to a newspaper article I read on the subject, knock down rebuild. It’s still there for now, I wish I could have bought it. Alas, this is not to be my fate.

There must be a cactus garden in every suburb, one with big old cacti like this funny old barnacled thing.

My name for this house is “Crazy Gables”. It must be someone’s particular vision, as I can’t imagine this one being very popular at Homeworld. It looks as if it’s going to unfold and something’s going to rise out of the top, some kind of lotus flower or creature, I’m not sure.

There will be a street dedicated to houses with obsessive decorations/collections. Or maybe there should be one of these places per street, I’m not sure. This is one that Robyn showed me in Adelaide. I crept up for a closer look:

That strange sickly Mylanta green intrigued me. A lot of thought had obviously gone into this garden. Imagine being taken around the garden and being told the story of each figurine – it would be a blessing at times like Christmas where you have to go visiting and sit stultified having some awkward conversation with relatives. Also, you would never be stuck for a gift for this person.

Other gardeners show more restraint, but I like this, too. The minimalist approach to garden decoration: a bird and a boat. There might be a lot of weeds but there is also a rose bush. Who knows what’s in the shed?

 Sometimes particular houses speak to me and I’m not sure why until I look at the photograph later. With this one I like the way the roof and the brick foundations frame the house – it reminds me of a dessert, though I’m not sure what kind, something with biscuit and maybe sponge cake, or cream in it. In my suburb I think I’d match this one up with the flamingo. It also has a weedy lawn and roses.

Finally, all the good people in my suburb need somewhere to go for entertainment. Saturday night at the Druids Hall is what they get. It might look plain on the outside; inside it’s a wonderland.

That’s all from the Dream Suburb this time around. The first lot of houses are documented here but there are plenty of photos I’ve yet to reveal.
Look out for the exhibition, coming up in 2030 (that’s the year, not the postcode sorry Vaucluse).


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  1. mlparamour permalink
    July 22, 2011 1:34 pm

    This is such a cool idea! I need to collect some pics of cool houses in my hometown. And in the surrounding small towns…what a great project, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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