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Zines and Dragons

August 10, 2011

One of the things I’ve been applying myself to recently is helping organise the Snapdragon Zine Fair, which is to be held at the Red Rattler on Sunday September 4th. There will be lots of fantastic zines for sale, of course, and also unusual spectacles such as the zinata, the world’s first zine pinata. We’re currently collecting mini zines to stuff inside this papier mache beast, so have a look at the Snapdragon blog if you are interested in making one. I’m working on my own tiny zine, which is a bit of a challenge for me, as I usually work big, but I’m trying to think small this time.

At Snapdragon I’ll have copies of my newest zine, I am a Camera #16, which is about going to Okunoshima, or “rabbit island” in Japan. Scroll down a few posts back and you’ll be able to watch me interacting with the inhabitants of this island. As well as an account of my journey to the island, I am writing a short travel guide to Japan, including information too trivial to appear in proper travel guides. But yet important, also. Don’t be silly like me and mix up 1000 yen notes with 10000 yen notes all the time, read the guide! So yes, I am a Camera #16 will be making its world debut at Snapdragon, adding to the many other reasons why you will be coming along. See you there.

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