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I am a Camera 16

September 12, 2011

I am a Camera #16 was not launched with $15 gimlets, instead it made its debut last weekend in a Marrickville warehouse underneath a dragon pinata, a blue spring sky, and planes roaring in to land at Sydney airport, at the Snapdragon Zine Fair (see the photos of the zinata smashing).

This zine is about travelling to Japan, and in particular my journey to Okunoshima, or “Rabbit Island”, which is a small island in the Inland Sea which is a rabbit sanctuary. It is one of those places that, when you are there, you feel like you are in such an obscure part of the world that noone would ever be able to find you, if they were to search.

In the pages of this zine, follow my adventures with packs of rabbits, vending machines, fancily wrapped carrots, girls with fake eyelashes, ferries, trains and finding my way in Japan. There’s a Japan Travel Guide section at the end to help you not be silly in the same ways I was when I was there (nothing majorly embarrassing, but still, things to note). Perfect for Japan fans, rabbit fans, fans of the unusual…that’s you, right?

I’ll put some on Etsy, also I’ll have them at the Sunday Fair at TINA on October 3rd, and will be delivering some to Sticky when I’m in Melbourne in late September (see my September engagements below). Otherwise, send me a message about trading (I like to trade for other text based, personal zines) or getting one direct from VB world. Or you might just run into me on the street, I’ll keep a few in my bag in case.

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