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Zine News for May

May 20, 2013

This Sunday, May 26th, I have a stall at the MCA zine fair, with a new zine to debut – it’s a split with Katie Haegele. She’s one of my favourite zine makers so I’m very excited to have made a zine with her. It’s called Summer Here/Winter Here (or Winter Here/Summer Here, what is the split zine naming etiquette?), a reference to our living in, and corresponding between, opposite hemispheres. Here’s a sneak peek at the northern hemisphere version on Katie’s etsy store. I’ll be getting out the blinding flashbulbs of the gocco to create the southern hemisphere version this week.

On the same day I’ll be switching my zine disguise for my blog disguise, and heading over to the Museum of Sydney to talk about city blogging for Vivid Ideas. The session is called We Blog the City. Come to hear stories of me observing library eccentrics and being chased by irate giant soap bubble-blowing buskers, and to hear tales from Louise Hawson of 52 Suburbs, and Violet Tingle of My Darling Darlinghurst.

Beyond this Sunday, look out for the launch of my book, Ninety 9, in August, the ZICS festival in Brisbane, and a special split YOU zine launch at Sticky in late September, and, based on my Mirror Sydney blog, a talk about creative cartography at Critical Animals in Newcastle during TINA. Just thinking about all that is sending me in the direction of the teapot. I am writing this under the seasick influence of jetlag, the product of adventures I will be soon to write about once I’ve consumed enough Russian Caravan.

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