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Air Mail Stockings

July 3, 2013

Genevieve Internationals


Quite some time ago – years ago – I made a resolution not to buy any more packets of stockings from op shops. Yes, the 70s packaging was alluring, but I already had a suitcase full of stockings that I never intended on wearing, bought because I liked the packets. Every so often I’d look through the suitcase with the kind of pleasure that comes with investigating objects from a past world. Sometimes I’d think about all the unworn stockings that people must have kept in their drawers for their to be so many in op shops.

Resolutions are all well and good, but sometimes while op shopping I come across something that forces me to break with whatever resolution I have devised (no more clothes that don’t fit properly, no more mugs, no more books that might be useful for a collage one day…etc.). This is one such object. Is it a letter? No! It’s a box with a pair of sheer stockings inside it, that has been made to look like a letter, even down to the “Genevieve” postmark.

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