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Zine News for October

October 15, 2013

The Canberra Zine Emporium were kind enough to invite me to launch Ninety9 in Canberra at their last event for 2013, which will be a launch party and a zine party, at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop on October 22nd. There’s a lucky door prize and the CZE will have a zine stall, and I’ll be reading from Ninety9 and talking a bit about zines in the 1990s.

ninety9 canberra

So please do come if you’re reading this from Canberra, it will be lots of fun. When I was thinking about writing up my zine news tonight I went in search of Canberra souvenirs in my house – which is, for those who don’t know me very well, so full of op shop objects it is like an op shop itself. I came up with two, both Telecom Tower related. I need to top up the snowglobe water…the moment I realised you could do this was a lightbulb moment for sure, but the operation is beyond my tired self right now. It was either write a blog post or refill snowdome, and lucky readers, you know which I chose.

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.39.02 PM

Back in Sydney on the 26th, I’m going to have a stall selling some of the op shop stuff overflow at Hyde Park Barracks as part of the Garage Sale Trail. It’s billed as the city’s biggest garage sale where according to the City of Sydney website “you’ll find some of Sydney’s most eclectic collectors, treasure-keepers and professional hoarders” – well, all those things describe me.

Also on the 26th is the next meeting of  Zine Club  at the Rizzeria – the Halloween edition (with fab Miss Helen coat of arms as shown below). I’ll be heading over there after I’ve finished my garage sale-ing for a chat and an ice vovo and maybe a bit of a bash on the Olivetti Dora. It’s a good chance to check out the Rizzeria Pop-Up shop too.

zine club halloween

When I was in Melbourne recently for the launch of the Disposable Camera/YOU split zine I had a chat with Sticky for the Fahrenheit C3100 podcast, which is now ready for downloading. Go for a jog/take a bath/slice up some onions and listen to me talking about zines and the 90s and the Housemartins and losing shoes. It’s available for download here.

If you’d like to get a copy of the aforementioned split zine, it’s up on Etsy and also is available via Sticky mail order.

Also coming up in split zine land is my split with Alex Wild (who is the author of this amazing book The Constant Losers as well as many excellent zines) which was meant to surprise me in the post but was reviewed here before I even laid eyes on it! It’s still on its way to me so I don’t have copies yet, but it’s coming soon.

That’s all for October, I’m off to refill my snowglobe.

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