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Newtown and Penrith, Talking and Mapping

February 1, 2014

Remember Newtown in the 1990s? I’ll be doing a time-travel talk about it and about Ninety9 at Newtown Library on February 25th as part of the Better Read’s Talking Heads series. Expect this head to talk about the owl clock with moving eyes on the wall of Singapore Gourmet, book landslides in Goulds, mischief in Sydney Park and buying tie dyed slips at the night markets at Burland Community Hall.

Newtown 1990s higher res


In one of my other lives, the one where I am a DIY cartographer, I am part of the Mud Maps exhibition at the Penrith Regional Gallery  where I’ll be showing work related to my Penrith Arcades Project. It opens on March 1st so if you’re of the westerly persuasion do come and visit. My friend and fellow cartographer Keg de Souza is in the exhibition too.

Calokerinos Arcade Penrith

One of Penrith’s many blue arcades.

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