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Other Worlds Zine Fair

April 2, 2014

other worlds zine fair


There’s a new zine fair in Sydney this May, set up as an alternative to the annual MCA zine fair. It’s on the same day as the MCA fair, May 25th, from 11am to 4pm, on Level 3 of Central on 28 Broadway (the future-building with the living wall and the heliostat where the brewery used to be). I’ll be there debuting my new I am a Camera zine which has been moving glacially towards completion since mid last year.

Here’s a quote from the organisers explaining how the Other Worlds Fair came into being: “The MCA is sponsored by Transfield, a corporation that operates service contracts in the detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru. Transfield derives brand value through its association with the arts, and it derives considerable profit from the extra-judicial incarceration of asylum seekers. By participating in events that are sponsored by Transfield we add value to their brand. We, a small group of zine makers from Sydney, inspired by the current campaign to boycott the Sydney Biennale over its relationship with Transfield, have decided to boycott the MCA zine fair in 2014. We do not want our zines to add value to a corporation that profits from the Australian government’s indefensible treatment of asylum seekers.”

Find more information about Other Worlds here.

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