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Celery Girl

August 31, 2014

Looking through my papers the other night – and “my papers” is not one concertina file of neatly organised documents, let me tell you – I found the Schreurs celery girl.



She has long been my favourite produce box mascot, I with her beauty spot and crest of hair. I’d imagine her to be very healthy, with her diet of celery. I was pleased to find her in a cardboard envelope of otherwise unrelated papers (though what would be related, a collection of fruit and vegetable mascots carefully cut out from boxes? If only). Because a few months ago I noticed that her diet of celery had transformed her into another girl altogether.


schreurs 2

21st Century celery girl, I know times change, and it must be nice to give the bikini a rest, but I do miss the old you.


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  1. November 9, 2014 9:44 pm

    It seems you’re not the only one with a liking for fruit & veg cartons –

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