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March News

March 9, 2015

The crepe myrtles are out, the days are still long, and the year presses onwards. Here are a few things coming up in March that I’m involved with or recommend.

Off the Pigs

Off the Pigs in the Tea Warehouse, Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills.


Firstly I’m taking a tour of Surry Hills for Art Month on March 14th. It’s sold out but you can download the map that the tour is based on at the Art Month website.

For those in Canberra for the You Are Here Festival, I have an artwork in the East Row Museum, which opens on March 18th and runs throughout the festival, until the 22nd.

I’ve written a text for the Emily Hunt exhibition Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence, which is showing at The Commercial gallery in Redfern from 20th March to 4th April. It features a weird ceramic wonderland traversed by a model train.

Emily Casula

Emily Hunt’s Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence from Mind The Gap, Casula Powerhouse, 2015.


In zine news, the Other Worlds zine fair is on again this year in May, with an expanded program of talks and workshops as well as the zine fair. Apply for a stall by March 22nd.

Peeking over into April, I have an artwork in Second Circulation at Verge Gallery, a show curated by mysterious art gang Dexter Fletcher. It opens on April 2nd and has a program of events to go with it, including a DISCOnfernce, a YOU zine making marathon and the Dexter Fletchers doing a talk on the social history of Blu-Tack.

And finally, for those who have asked about Lost Sydney patches, there are still some available at The Felt Undergroundmlpatchweb

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