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A Letter from March

March 10, 2017


It is hard to write a new post after the previous one, but I will try my best. It has been a week of on and off rain, and I’ve been doing a lot of teaching, taking students through what it is to write nonfiction, to write about Sydney, to think about shadow places. I’ve had little time for much else. My favourite moments have been looking out of the train as it goes over the Harbour Bridge, over the steel-grey water that comes with these overcast days, and sending my thoughts out into that wide space below.

I have some matters current and upcoming which I will tell you about: I have an article about mapping, archives and data in the latest issue of Artlink, for those with an interest in my more critical writing.

At the end of the month Copier Jam opens in Wollongong, a group exhibition of zines and comics curated by Jeremy Staples. The opening’s on March 31st with details here.

Copier Jam_E-Invite

The exhibition includes zines by me (including the eternally popular but long sold out “peacock” edition of I am a Camera) and Andy Paine, Ashley Ronning, Aunty Mabel’s Zine Distro, Ben Constantine, Canberra Zine Emporium, Comicoz, Douglas Holgate, Gemma Flack, Golden Stapler Awards, Iain McIntyre, Philip Dearest, Silent Army, Squishface Studio, Sticky Institute, Unbelievably Bad, and You Zine.

For those interested in my work on Sydney, I’ll be presenting a talk on St Peters in May for the Heritage Festival, it’s called Post Industrial Playground, and it on at St Peters library on May 10th. Find out about the underground history of a place that’s rapidly being transformed into the Westconnex motorway…

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