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Zine News for May

May 3, 2017

May is a big month for zines in Sydney, with both the MCA Zine Fair (21st May) and Other Worlds (28th May) coming up at the end of the month. I’ll have a table at Other Worlds this year, and a new I am a Camera with me, so do drop by if you’re in Sydney, its on at Marrickville Town Hall, from 12-4pm.

Other Worlds poster by Ben Juers.

There’s a feature on zines by Maria Zarro (of Astrobabble zine) in this month’s Ciao Magazine, which you can read at Inside the Inner West’s Zine Culture. She interviews Chris Mikul (of Bizarrism and Biblio-curiosa) and me, and Chris and I can be seen, zines held aloft, on the cover of the magazine.

Chris Mikul and I hanging out on a King Street doorstep.

Another recent interview I’ve done on zines has been published as part of 6 Australian Art Book Makers on the Power of Print at Vice, in an article by Sami Emory, which also includes among its interviews the Refugee Art Project, and Big Ego Books.

Copier Jam!, an exhibition of zines and comic curated by Jeremy Staples, is showing at Wollongong Art Gallery until June 25th, including some of my zines, from the early days of Psychobabble onwards, as well as many other zines from the past and present by Australian zine makers.

Copier Jam! visitor reads what was on my mind in 1997.

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