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Disposable Camera

January 31, 2018

Has it really been 5 years since I’ve published a Disposable Camera? It seems so. I had recently been wondering if disposable cameras still existed, but then one day I was on the train in Sydney, passing through Circular Quay station, which gives you a postcard view of the harbour. As I looked out towards the harbour, a teenage boy on the other side of the carriage took a photo through the window with a disposable camera. I heard the snap of the shutter and the rasping sound of the film being wound on. They still exist, I thought, maybe it’s time to reinstate my own Disposable Camera. Soon after this day I cut some paper into quarters, unboxed the Olivetti Valentine, began to type and let the words lead me.

This new Disposable Camera is about a specific memory object, that being a koala souvenir that once lived alongside me, and now lives in my thoughts. I’ll be debuting it at the zine fair for the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne on February 11th at the Melbourne Town Hall. I’ve also listed it on Etsy, for those elsewhere or eager.

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