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Other Worlds and a Marrickville Map

May 26, 2018

For Other Worlds this year, I decided to keep things local, and make a map of Marrickville, where the fair is to be held, in the Town Hall. I’ve never lived in Marrickville myself, but it is a place I know well, have spent much time in and moving through. It’s a capacious suburb, full of details that connect to its many threads of stories, as Gadigal Land, as a place with a strong migrant community, especially for people from Greek and Vietnamese backgrounds, and as a place with a rich creative community.

Like the maps included in Mirror Sydney, the Marrickville map collects some of the suburbs landmarks, connecting them with their stories and each other. It hopefully opens out into many other stories, as it triggers the memories of people who have had an association with Marrickville, or a place like it, in their life. The accompanying guidebook suggests some alternative readings of these places, and how they might figure in the dream-life of the suburb.

Visit me at Other Worlds, Sunday 27th May, 12pm – 5pm, or buy a copy of the Marrickville zine and map on Etsy.

Poster by Haein Kim



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