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Gentle and Fierce Audiobook and Events

July 18, 2022

At the start of the year, I began the recording of the audiobook version of Gentle and Fierce, at the appropriately named Echidna Audio studio – fitting for a book about human relationships with animals.

It is now live on various audiobook platforms, including Audible and Kobo: it should be in all audiobook streaming services. Please do let me know if you’ve listened to some or all of the audiobook – it’s the first time I’ve recorded an audio version of one of my books and I’m curious to hear how it works in that format.

Coinciding with the audiobook release, I have an event coming up soon based around Gentle and FierceAnimals in the City: Telling Stories, a discussion about storytelling and urban animals, with me, Bastian Fox Phelan, Clare Britton, and Jakelin Troy. It is coming up at the State Library of NSW on August 4th and is free to attend. We’ll be discussing the ways that writing, visual art, and language carry the stories of place and encounters with plants and animals, and attune us to our environment and caring for it.

Since my last update some further Gentle and Fierce reviews have appeared, and with gratitude for their careful attention and insights: Snail Trails by Jessica White in Sydney Review of Books, a review by Andy Jackson in The Saturday Paper, and a review by Fernanda Dahlstrom in Mascara Literary Review.

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