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Groundwork: From the Archives Up Exhibition

September 22, 2015

Aqueduct VB

I have an artwork in Groundwork, an exhibition and series of public programs organised by the New Landscapes Institute. The exhibition brings together the forgotten and unknown history of the city with new experimental art and architecture: my work in the exhibition is a map of Sydney Mystery Structures.

The opening is on Thursday October 1st, 6-8pm at Gaffa Gallery. I’m also leading a couple of tours: there are still a few tickets available for a walk alongside the Annandale Aqueducts on October 11th.

The World’s Ugliest Teapot

July 20, 2015

I’m a restrained op shopper compared to the Vanessa Berry of the past. To ensure I am able to move around my home and don’t get trapped under piles of teatowels, vintage ceramics, crockery and weird books I have strict rules for op shop viewing and purchasing. Rather than completely deprive myself of my most favourite hobby (leading to dangerous binges) however, I make a once-weekly op shop stop on the way to work.

Recently, on one of these stops, I found the world’s ugliest teapot.

World's Ugliest Teapot

I spend my days advising students to be careful when making bold, general claims. However I believe this teapot is in fact the world’s ugliest, with its perplexing aesthetic combination of onions and haemorrhoids. Upon Googling “world’s ugliest teapot” a number of other candidates arose, but while the toilet teapot, the Adolf Hitler teapot and the obese rhinocerous teapot are all hideous, I believe there is something in the form of this teapot that works subconsciously upon the human mind to produce revulsion.

I bought the teapot, but not straight away. First I was so horrified I left it on the shelf. I then spent all morning thinking about it. What was wrong with me: I’d left the world’s ugliest teapot on the shelf! I consulted with Simon, who assured me it would be a “conversation piece”, and then skulked out at lunchtime, returned to the shop, and bought it.

“Isn’t this cute?” the woman at the counter said.

“I don’t know – is it?” I asked, bemused, as I handed over my $8.

Ugly Teapot Tea Party


As an interesting co-discovery I now have a new travel goal, to visit the Meitan Tea Museum in China which is housed in the world’s largest teapot, 73.8 metres tall and with a capacity of 28,360.23 cubic metres. We can only be thankful it is of a conventional shape and not modelled on my newest op shop acquisition.


Image from a discussion of ugly buildings on Skyscraper City. Someone wrote about it: “No way does it fall in the UGLY category. It is whimsical.”


Copier Jam

July 18, 2015


For those in the north, Copier Jam, a zine exhibition curated by Jeremy Staples, is coming up soon at Bundaberg Regional Gallery in Childers, Queensland. I’m in the show with some work from past and present, along with many other good folk from the world of Australian zines.

I Wear Your Clothes Like Armour: Throwing Muses zine

June 11, 2015

Muses zine 1

It has been a while since I’ve made a new zine, but in the weeks before Other Worlds I took up the glue stick and put together the zine that Chiara (of Rhetorical zine) and I have been putting together since the start of the year. It’s about our favourite band, Throwing Muses. The Muses and zines brought us together, so we decided we’d bring everything together and make a fanzine.

We made much of the zine over one weekend and some of the stories in it relate to our various Muses themed adventures: beaches, wigs, lolly shops, summer rain and a party full of people with elaborate headwear. The majority of the zine is stories about the band, from how we encountered them to stories about particular songs and seeing the band live in exotic places like Glasgow and Portland.

We also made a map of Muses song themes, for which we paid studious attention to every album, took notes, made charts, and drank red ice tea.

Muses Map Excerpt

The zine is available on Etsy here and from Take Care zine distro.



Other Worlds and the Memoir Club

May 12, 2015

large_Other_Worlds_Zine_Fair_2015Other Worlds zine fair is back for a second year with an expanded program of talks, workshops and of course the zine fair, which is on Saturday 23rd May, 11am – 4pm. I’ll be there with some new zines and maps as well as some favourites from the past.

Randwick Literary Institute c.1957 by Steve Terrill.

Randwick Literary Institute c.1957 by Steve Terrill.

On Tuesday 26th May I’ll be in conversation with Jessica Kirkness at the Randwick Literary Institute for the monthly meeting of the Memoir Club for Readers and Writers. I’ll be speaking about my memoir Ninety9, tips for writing lives, and the possibilities of memoir. The details are:

Tuesday 26 May 2015        6.00—9.00pm
Randwick Literary Institute
60 Clovelly Road, Randwick 2031
RSVP by 24 May:

More information on the Institute can be found here.



Two Sydney Zine Exhibitions

April 15, 2015

The Dexter Fletcher-curated exhibition Second Circulation is in its last week at Verge Gallery, featuring artworks that relate to and expand upon the practice of making zines. There are maps, totems and dogs in space to see. Artists in the show are: Samantha Penelope Riegl, Tim Ungaro, The Thomas Ferguson Band, Luke You, The Newport Dolls, Vanessa Berry, Miss Helen, and Emma D. Davidson

Second Circ

Across the footbridge, in the Fisher Library is another zine-related exhibition, Zeen, curated by Leigh Rigozzi, featuring zine and comic artists and associated ephemera. Read the correspondence of zine makers! Artists in the show include Tim Danko, Keg De Souza, Pat Grant, Simon Hanselmann, Lachlan Conn, Mandy Ord and me.

VB Fisherarium

Also coming up in the zine-related future is the Other Worlds zine fair on Saturday 23 May at the Glebe Town Hall, which is a beautiful venue, it looks like this:

Glebe Town Hall

Good for ballroom dancing and zine browsing!



Dexter Fletcher Gallery Takeover: with zines!  

April 8, 2015

Originally posted on Take Care:

Come along to Verge Gallerythis Saturday for a day of zine related fun, including a mini zine fair, YOU zine-making marathon, DISCOnference (discussion on zines), and live performances from Ideal Type, Plastic Knife and the Newport Dolls!

Full program at

View original


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